... we use a sleep sack as well. I love the one we just discovered for 12-18mth size from Kohlr Baby... - Yahoo Baby Forum
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"I just wanted to let you know that the sleep sacks and the sheepie blankie arrived here this morning. Thank you so much for your outstanding service! As soon as I gave my 5 month old the sheepie blankie he began shrieking and getting very excited. He loves it! :)" -Dhana, Scotland

"I just had to tell you again how much our son loves his sheep sack. He didn't want it off this morning - wanted it unzipped so he could walk but couldn't stand to let go of the sheep's legs! We then had to put it "on" over his coat and around the straps when we went running. He's given up playing with his other tags (stuffed animals, blanket) and is exclusively using the sheep's legs!
Yeah, sheep sack!! Thanks again," -Alix, Tacoma, WA

"My daughter (almost 3) has been using organic sleep sacks made by Kohlrbaby.com since she was 3 months. They're soft, warm and all natural (made in Canada). When she outgrew her size, I ordered the next size When we got it, the snaps were slightly different from the one my daughter had grown accustomed to. Since the snaps were part of my daughter's soothing mechanism at night, I called the owner and she sent me another one with an extra snap. You can't get that kind of service at Babies R Us. I just started my 3 month old son on these and the newer versions have tags on the chest for the babies to soothe themselves with. I've been really happy with this product and company." - About.com Baby Products Forum

"I just wanted to rave about the Kohlr Baby sleep sack I received as a gift when our baby was a newborn, it was a Medium size and looked really large. But it wasn't too long before we found a use for it (basically  when she decided she no longer wanted to be tightly swaddled with her arms at her sides). It was great, even though it was quite long on her. I felt good knowing she was safe. She was comfy & cozy in it. Well after a few months, she's now grown into the sleep sack and has few inches left at the end. I just ordered the Large size to have on hand. I know this sleep sack costs a little more than the ubiquitous other brand sleep sack you find at babies/toys-r-us, but I really believe the Kohlr Baby sleep sack is a superior product. I love the design. And it is also a much thicker and heavier weight fleece than the ones you find at babies/toys-r-us ... this was very important to us since we live in a colder area, and our house tends to get cold in the middle of the night. It is also very soft." - GGMGMembersArea@yahoogroups.com - Ronit

"I bought one of your sleep sacks last spring sometime at L'il Willabees in Leamington.  It was the only one they carried and the best sleep sack I have found.  My daughter is now too big to be in it comfortably (though I keep stuffing her into it!).  I have looked everywhere for something similar but with no luck.  I was in Detroit last weekend and while seeing many sleep sacks didn't see any that were large enough for her and even if they did have the right size they all had the zipper down the stomach and she seems to spend about half of the night on her stomach, that can't be comfortable!!  After what felt like an exhaustive search I decided to look you up online (why I didn't think of that already I have no idea as I did spend a great deal of time looking online!).  Lo and behold there you were and consequently here I am.  I love your product!!  Nothing I could find even compares!" - Billie, Leamington, ON

"Our baby has thoroughly enjoyed his fleece sheets. They help keep him warm in the winter & cool n the summer. They have held their shape through numerous washes &still look like new. Since our baby enjoys sleeping with his face pressed against the sheets, we feel good knowing that we have provided him with a comfortable and soft surface." - Anna & Kam, Vancouver, BC

"We love, love your sleep sack and your crib sheets! Our only problem is our oldest daughter (6) is quite put out! She is obviously too old for a sleep sack but doesn't understand why she can't have comfy fleece sheets too! I did purchase some recently in the states and they have been a disaster! I have gone to one fabric store in town thinking perhaps a non sewer could somehow manage sheets but the fleece sold there doesn't seem to be as nice as the one you use. It seems much bulkier!" - Lisa, British Columbia

"Our baby has slept for 6 hours straight two nights in a row - ever since we put your crib sheet on! I'm convinced it helps!!!" - Erin & Kirk, London, ON

"Our baby has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 mths old. I am sure that the Köhlr baby crib sheets helped!!" - Nuria & Matias, Seattle, WA

"We retired the other crib sheets that we had when we received the Köhlr crib sheet. Our daughter started to sleep through the night (at 3 mths old!) shortly after we put the Köhlr crib sheet on her
crib. She likes the warmth & fuzziness of the crib sheet. We ordered 2 more sheets!"
- Randall & family, San Francisco, CA

"... the sleeping bag was a great thing to have when travelling. Our son knew that when we put it on, it was bedtime, no matter where we were (including two overnight flights)."
- Lauren & Lyall, Abbotsford, BC

"...we use a sleep sack as well. I love the one we just discovered for 12-18mth size from Kohlr Baby... It's fleece which wicks moisture so that if baby leaks at night it doesn't leak through to the bed."- Yahoo Baby Forum

"Put her in a fleece sleep sack...it worked great that when she outgrew it, we got her a Large size..." - Baby Whisperer Forum

"While sleep sacks for our two-year-old daughter are nothing new to us – she has been sleeping in them since birth – the idea of camping with a little kid is a new challenge...On first try, the sleep sack is easy to put on, even on a squirming toddler who doesn’t want to go to bed. We liked the fact that the zipper starts right under the armpit, so you don’t have the boxy zipper pull there, and she also couldn’t open the zipper by herself. On our first “dry run” at home, we made more use of this feature and left the zipper a little open for extra ventilation and found this to work really well. For smaller kids, it is also nice that you can change diapers without taking the whole sleep sack off. The cutouts for the armholes were also just the right size with room enough so as not to be restricting, yet snug enough that Maria stayed in the sleep sack and the cold air stayed out...All in all, a great product, and we will definitely go for more fleece stuff from Kohlrbaby (Maria will love the crib sheet at daycare!). We were very happy with the performance, the design was practical, the material great for the purpose, and the craftsmanship “Made in Canada” superb." - Trailpeak Review