No word of a lie, your sleepsacks are our favorites. The neck hole and arm holes are the right size,the snaps are handy and the zippers don't suck! -Brent, San Francisco

Good for your baby, and your environment

Repreve Recycled Microfleece
  • Repreve (TM) is a recycled fiber created by UNIFI Inc.
  • While we are working towards offering a completely recycled fleece, the cost is still prohibitive. In the meantime our microfleece has 30% recycled content, aiming to reach 85% recycled content within two years.
  • Even 30% recycled content results in 30% less newly created fibers. The recycling of polyester fibers, which has been largely pioneered by Malden Mills and Patagonia, means that many of the polyester based products that historically ended up in landfill can now be recycled, greatly reducing the eco-footprint.
  • Environmental Fact: for every 1 lb. of Repreve yarn, 0.5 gallons of petroleum is conserved!