On first try, the sleep sack is easy to put on, even on a squirming toddler who does not want to go to bed. We liked the fact that the zipper starts right under the armpit, so she also could not open the zipper by herself.-Trailpeak Review


baby sleeping bag summary: fabric and temperature ratings

Organic: our organic baby sleeping bags are created with a hemp/organic cotton fabric

Eco-fleece: our eco-fleece line is created with incredibly soft recycled fleece

Classic fleece: our classic fleece line includes our Classic fleece and microfleece

Warmth Ratings:

1.0 - Warm or Hot Weather - Summer

1.5 - Warmish weather - Spring, Summer, Fall (not intended for high summer)

2.0 - Coolish weather - Spring, Winter, Fall

2.5 - Cold weather - Winter

What's a TOG anyway?

The British "T0G" value is the international standard measurement of all blankets' thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm.

While we use this as a rule of thumb and not as an absolute measurement. Generally its easiest to think of a baby sleeping bag as a blanket and consider how heavy a blanket you would put on your baby.

An important note is that baby sleeping bags are designed for layering, so you can always put heavier or lighter pajamas on underneath.

Baby Sleeping Bag Benefits:

  • Babies sleep comfortably with Köhlr Baby’s body contour design
  • Top down zipper keeps sleeping bag safely and securely in place
  • Baby's skin stays soft and dry with Köhlr Baby’s wicking fleece which draws moisture away to help prevent rashing
  • Our fabrics are environmentally-focused including recycled fleece, hemp and organic cotton. All fabrics are 100% breathable
  • Late night diaper changes are quick and easy with Köhlr Baby’s unique side access zipper system
  • Babies stays comfortable with Köhlr Baby’s sleeveless design allowing for layering and permits for air flow
  • Keeping sleep routines is a breeze with Köhlr Baby’s easy ‘pack n’ travel’ design. Easy to use at home, in a tent or on a plane!