...a great product...we will definitely go for more fleece stuff from Kohlrbaby. We were very happy with the performance, the design was practical, the material great for the purpose & the craftsmanship Made in Canada superb -Trailpeak Review
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Are Baby Sleepsacks a Safer Choice than Baby Blankets?

Are you worried about your baby’s sleep? You aren’t alone. A major worry for new parents is sleep comfort and safety for their children. Studies show that sleep sacks are a better alternative for your baby than baby blankets. Many parents report that:

  • Baby blankets fall off easily leaving babies chilled and prone to waking
  • Removing and then rewrapping baby blankets for late night diaper changes is awkward and prone to waking a child
  • Sleeping routines can be difficult to maintain when away from home
  • Loose baby blankets are a worry for SIDS, as they may bunch up over baby’s mouth and nose

Poor sleeping can be a source of worry and exhaustion for any parent!

Imagine how much better you would feel knowing your baby was sleeping safely and comfortably through the night. Remember how you used to sleep? Way back before you had kids…

'Canadian Company Leading the Way with Innovative New Sleepsack Design’

  • “…made for children, not by children – Köhlr Baby’s 100% made in Canada sleepsacks are a safe choice for not supporting third world child labor…”
  • “…possibly the first Canadian child’s clothing maker to start a zero waste policy, working towards recycling 100% of their scrap cloth remains.”

What Makes Köhlr Baby’s Design Better?

  • Babies sleep comfortably with Köhlr Baby’s body contour design
  • Top down zipper keeps sleep sacks safely and securely in place
  • Baby's skin stays soft and dry with Köhlr Baby’s wicking fleece which draws moisture away to help prevent rashing
  • Our fabrics are environmentally-focused including recycled fleece, hemp and organic cotton. All fabrics are 100% breathable
  • Late night diaper changes are quick and easy with Köhlr Baby’s unique side access zipper system
  • Babies stays comfortable with Köhlr Baby’s sleeveless design allowing for layering and permits for air flow
  • Keeping sleep routines is a breeze with Köhlr Baby’s easy ‘pack n’ travel’ design. Easy to use at home, in a tent or on a plane!

Try the Köhlr Baby sleepsack and give your baby the safest and most comfortable sleep tonight!

It’s that simple!